New Eastmoreland Heights Renovation

14th June, 2011 - Posted by TTM - No Comments

This property was owned by a landlord who was looking to get out of the rental business, but the only problem was that the property had some major foundation issues. Because of this the sellersĀ had a difficult time selling the property in the past and had dealt with multiple sale fails due to buyers being scared off by the property’s issues. Fortunately for them they found our website and submitted an online seller information form. Within 24 hours we had responded to them in order to schedule a showing for the property, and soon thereafter we presented the sellers with a fair price cash offer which they happily accepted. We also allowed the sellers to choose their closing date (they chose July 15th) and now we are on our way to the closing table for another win win transaction for everyone involved.

If you have a property with major foundation issues or is in need of renovation and repairs, contact TTM Cash HouseBuyers today for a no obligation cash offer within 24 hours!

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