Should I List My Property With a Realtor or Contact TTM Cash HouseBuyers?

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The title to this post is the exact question one of our most recent sellers was asking themselves….however before listing their property they made the choice to contact TTM Cash HouseBuyers because they had heard we buy houses in “as is” condition! This turned out to be the best decision that they could have made in regards to selling their property.

The sellers of this property had inherited it from a family member who unfortunately passed away. However the condition the property was left in was rough to say the least. No updating had ever been done to this 1946 built house, along with the fact that over the years every cat in the neighborhood had used the house as their own personal litter box. In addition the roof was in desperate need of replacing and most of the property was in some form of disrepair. The sellers had planned on listing the property with a realtor for $210,000 but only after they had replaced the roof so that the property would at least be finance-able for buyers, so that cash would not be required to purchase it.

The day before listing the property the sellers called TTM Cash HouseBuyers at 503.850.4233 and we set up an appointment to view the property that same evening. After walking through the property we made a cash offer on the spot to purchase the house (but the best part for the seller was that the price was exactly what they were looking to get for the property). After talking with the seller about their price expectations we offered them $190,000 which was what they were going to list the house for sale at, minus what they would have paid in real estate commissions (6%) and to repair the roof. So at the end of the day the sellers “netted” the same price for the house as they would have if they had listed it for sale and sold it for full price….and they didn’t even had to deal with coming out of pocket to replace the roof!

So the bottom line is that these sellers were extremely happy to have sold the property in an evening, and we were happy to accommodate them and purchase the house for $190,000. They were able to avoid dealing with the long sales process of hiring a  realtor and trying to sell to picky buyers who may not qualify to purchase the house anyways. On the flip side we were able to purchase a property in a good neighborhood that will be an amazing home once the renovation is completed (to view other TTM renovation projects go to

TTM Cash HouseBuyers specializes in buying Portland area houses fast and in “as is” condition! We will offer to purchase your property for a “fair price” and close on “the date of your choice”. Since we buy houses with cash there is never any chance of financing falling through at the last minute. Contact TTM today for a no obligation cash offer within 24 hours for your property! Watch the video below to learn more about how you can sell your house fast and in “as is” condition:


Sell Your Portland Oregon House Fast and in “as is” condition by contacting TTM Cash HouseBuyers today at 503.850.4233! No repairs, no real estate commission and no other fee’s whatsoever!

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